During 2019 we have talked a lot about features, workflows and technologies in our blogs. It’s now time for me as a Product Manager, to talk about our top 10 most used features in Naviate. The features that our customers really like and use in their daily work.


These features are used daily, because they:

  • Save time
  • Increase control of data
  • Optimize and automate your workflows

Part of the Productivity tab:

dark_Productivity tools - filer elementsFilter Elements
This is a powerful function to help you find and select exactly the elements you are interested in either by category (e.g. all/only walls), type, parameter information

dark_Productivity tools - publishPublish
This tool enables you to print documents and export to DWG or IFC files and easily reuse the same settings the next time you need to publish the same views or sheets

dark_Productivity tools - family browserFamily browserThe Family Browser helps you keep track of all families on your network from one single location

dark_Productivity tools - color elementsColor elements
This is a tool for coloring elements based on a selected parameter and it’s values

dark_Productivity tools - sheet managerSheet ManagerThe Sheet manager is a set of 12 tools for managing views and sheets including:  Create multiple sheets, Create Sheets from Plan views, Edit Sheet Parameters , Sheet Revision and more.

dark_Productivity tools - manage parametersManage parameters
Manage Parameters is a set of 6 tools for managing parameters in and between projects, icluding: Merge Parameters,  Merge Parameters Configuration , Combine Parameters , Batch Combine Parameters  and more.


Part of the Naviate Architure tab:

dark_Architecture - window toolsDoors- and Window drawings
A set of tools to manage and document doors and windows in the project. 

dark_Architecture - room drawings
Room drawings
Room Drawings is a tool for generating Elevation Views of Walls inside rooms/spaces, Floor Plans, Ceiling Plans and 3D views. Besides generating these views. you can choose to place them on Sheets. A typical use is to quickly create all tile drawings from every wall in every chosen room/space.


Part of the Naviate Structue tab:

dark_Structure - rebar numbering
Rebar numberingWith rebar numbering, you have full control over your rebar model(s) and rebar partitions. 

dark_Structure - pile numberingPile numberings
Pile Numbering renumbers Piles and Pile Foundations in your project. You can choose start point and directions to go with "Sense of XY axis", or you can select piles in the order which you want to be marked.

All of these features are used daily and multiple times by customers of ours.

Did you know...

All these functions have been developed through direct interaction with thousands of users? We and our customer saw, very early on, the need to improve the Autodesk Revit platform.  Our first launch of this product portfolio was way back in 2008. So we added a set of integrated tools in Revit to improve productivity, design automation and control whilst enhancing the user experience.

Why don’t you give it a try and download a fully working version for 30 days!

I don’t think you will be disappointed in the capabilities you will see within our Naviate applications. We have a lot of help videos and white papers to support you during the testing.  Don’t you forget about our online help documentation as well

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