Fasten your seatbelts for season 2 of the Optimise et. al. podcast!

We're revving up the engines as Season 2 of the Optimise et al podcast pulls into the station. Join us on another grand tour of all things technology — piloted by the ever-charismatic Bettool Jabur, who has a knack for steering conversations into uncharted territories of innovation and design.
If Season 1 of Optimise et al was the maiden voyage, Season 2 is where we hit the open road. Bettool, with her hands firmly on the wheel, guides us through a series of episodes that promise to turbocharge your knowledge of the latest AEC technology and make you ponder questions like:

  • How has the shift to hybrid working affected design and architecture?
  • Will automation replace creative thinking?
  • How does the design of a room affect a person’s mood?

Whether you're drafting at your desk or cruising the open road, the Optimise et al podcast will help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of AEC.

Beyond goals: Football, Sustainability, and Innovation in Qatar's Chronicle (special episode between seasons)

One year on from the Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022, Bettool Jabur explores the wonders of football and its link to sustainability, innovation and technology. Bettool spoke with the UK based Architects behind the delivery of the Lusail Stadium, and travelled across to Qatar to see the iconic stadiums first-hand in their true glory amidst the Arabian Peninsular! Bettool spoke with a local Urban Planner and a local Photographer and Videographer gold medallist to see how technology and innovation is driven by natives themselves.

In the realm of sustainability, innovation, and technology, Qataris showcase a profound commitment to protecting our planet. This documentary will leave you in awe, regardless of whether you're a football fan or someone who appreciates the intricacies of design and elaborate stadiums.

Listen to the special episode here:

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3 dimensions of BIM with the three musketeers (episode 1 - 3)

This episode of Optimise et al. features the dynamic trio known as the "3 Musketeers" — Joe Verlaque, Mladen Varbanov, and Sam Baker. Join them, along with host Bettool Jabur, as they delve into the intriguing topic of time wastage within automation. They dissect the concept of wasted time and shed light on its detrimental impact on companies. As they delve into the heart of the matter, it becomes evident that inefficient workflows often lead to heightened stress levels among individuals. Recognizing the pivotal role of planning, they underscore its significance as a top priority.

Listen to episode 1 - 3 here:


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Redefining Architectural business model for a sustainable future (episode 4 - 5)

Tune into this podcast with Daniel Gamiero who has the potential to make you enjoy your commute home and get you ready for how we can all make a difference in the AEC industry now, ready for a more sustainable next generation.  We explore the current focus on technology and how it extends beyond the walls of the construction industry. Yes, football comes back in the game as Daniel explores how technology has been instrumental in enhancing player skills and optimizing positions throughout the game, leading to more sustainable outcomes.

Listen to episode 4 and 5 here:


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The Untitled Podcast (episode 6 - 7)

Bettool Jabur is joined by Adam Murphy and Maria McNamara who unravel the mysteries of AutoCAD, Revit, BIM 360, and ACC, while seamlessly weaving in discussions about films and the fascinating impact of AI on the tech landscape. As Maria aptly puts it, "No matter how clever the software is, it is only as good as the information it puts into it." Join these tech-savvy visionaries as they unravel the art of optimizing technology for the best possible outcomes. You'll be thrilled to hear how they tackle real-world challenges, making their clients' dreams come true through innovative solutions.

Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a design aficionado, or simply curious about the boundless possibilities of AI, this podcast promises to ignite your imagination and broaden your horizons. Stay tuned for Part 2, where the trio delves even deeper into the ever-evolving world of technology and its limitless potential along with what old films have shaped the technology we use now. But that's not all - buckle up for a whirlwind exploration of cutting-edge interior design tools that transform mere pictures into a treasure trove of creative inspiration. Imagine snapping a photo of your room and, with a click, uncovering a world of design possibilities!

The podcast takes an intriguing turn as it contemplates the profound impact of AI on the younger generation. The trio engages in a thought-provoking dialogue about who will flourish and who might stumble in the face of this tech revolution. Adam talks about the future of gaming, teasing out how AI is set to redefine the gaming landscape as we know it.

And of course, they couldn't resist delving into their own realm of expertise, unveiling the brilliant ways Naviate Technology automates tasks, making life smoother for design and tech professionals everywhere. But wait, there's a delightful twist - an unexpected tangent into pop culture, as the trio playfully shares their thoughts on the thought-provoking "Black Mirror" series, a dash of movie talk, and a collective wish for a Batmobile! 

Listen to episode 6 and 7 here:


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Exploring the Future of Design and Sustainability (episode 8 - 10)

Bettool and Tom engage in a dynamic discussion covering an impressive range of subjects. They embark on a journey through the evolution of design, diving into the ever-evolving landscape of futuristic concepts and trends that are reshaping the industry. The conversation is enriched by their exploration of how cutting-edge technology and environmental sustainability intertwine, often leading design endeavours in distinct directions.

Bettool and Tom passionately explore the crucial intersection of sustainability and design. Their discourse delves into the strategies and initiatives that are propelling the industry towards a more eco-conscious and responsible future. The psychology of interior design is another compelling facet they dissect, unravelling the intricate ways in which design influences human behaviour and experiences within spaces. 

One highlight of the episode centres around Tom Nancollis' unique approach to design, notably his adept use of Form as a canvas for creativity. Tom shares insights into his creative process, revealing how he skilfully employs Form to unleash his imagination and bring innovative and more sustainable concepts to life – the concept – working with what we already have. 

Embracing the evolution of modern living, we navigate the landscape of open-plan spaces, adapting them seamlessly into versatile hubs of activity. Witness the convergence of aesthetics and practicality, as design meets the demands of multi-functional living, creating spaces that effortlessly transform to meet diverse needs. 

Listen to episode 8 - 10 here:


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Optimise your learning (episode 11 - 12)

This time Bettool Jabur talks with Gordon McGlathery from Symetri Europe on training trends and how you can optimise your learning! Gordon has extencive experience with training, learning metodology and trends. In these two episodes Bettool and Gordon dives into how the training environment has shifted towards a digital platform for many, and how that impacts learning and opportunities for growth.


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