Landscaping in Revit is still a challenge, but we are getting closer with our recent additions to Naviate Site & Landscaping. 

Last summer it became clear that Autodesk Site Designer got deprecated for Revit 2021. As a result, Naviate Site & Landscaping got some added features during the autumn last year to support Landscape Architects working in Revit. Back in August 2020, we hosted a webinar and asked the participants what pains they would like to find easier solutions to in near future. In particular, two topics where discussed;

  • LandXML import in Revit
  • Design simple roads in Revit

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Do you have ideas for new or improved features? Please leave them on the Naviate ideation portal so we can continue to add the features you need in your work.

Simple road design in Revit

Approximately one year ago we introduced the Cut/Fill feature in Naviate Site & Landscaping. Manipulating a toposurface can be somewhat challenging in Revit. Based on your feedback we set to solve this and came up with Cut and Fill for toposurface for Face, Element Bottom and Lines at a given elevation. See the details in this blog post.

We took that functionality and used it as a base for our brand new feature; Align Profile. With Align Profile you can design simple roads and more in Revit.

Want to see it in action? We have an on demand webinar where we go into details.

Watch the on demand webinar here

Align Profile

Align Profile helps you align a toposurface to a chosen cross section profile along path of a line, or chain of lines. It is most used in cases when you want to:

  • Adjust a toposurface to a road
  • Design a ditch, ridge or swale
  • Adjust a toposurface under elongated building element such as a bridge

The main benefits of Align Profile:

  • Pick a chain of lines (lines, arcs and splines) as a centre line
  • Use a Revit Profile as cross section to adjust the toposurface along the centre line
  • Define a length profile by specifying break points and radius along the centre line
  • Snap to the existing terrain when defining the length profile
  • Define cut and fill slopes
  • Update the toposurface after modifying the centre line or by editing the length profile

21 Q1 JAN blog Naviate Site Landscaping -Simple road design align profile overviev feature

Want to see it demonstrated? Register for a webinar diving into all of these workflows January 15th at 12:00 CET.
Watch the on demand webinar here

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