See the latest version of Naviate Rebar Numbering - we call it Rebar Numbering "Next Generation". With improved API from Autodesk, alongside new needs for our customers, we did further improvements to the feature. See what's new below!

Rebar Numbering

Naviate Rebar Numbering allows you to find all equal rebars in your project, number them and export to Excel or XML file. All rebars from the project are contained in Rebar Numbering, including the Fabric Sheet.


  • All Rebar/ Active Workset - If the project you are working on has Work-sets (multiple users are working on the same project), then in a drop-down menu on the top left corner of the dialog you can change from All Rebar (which will present all rebars from the entire project) to Active Workset and only rebars from the Active Workset will be presented and available to be analysed. Partition and Filters will be shown only for chosen work set and all other options from Rebar Numbering will be applied to that work set (if you change active work set, Rebar Numbering will be updated).
  • Partition/ From Filter Settings - You can preview rebars by Partition and rebars from your project will be sorted by Partition you have assigned to them or you can chose From Filter Settings that you have previously saved using Filter Elements tool.
  • Keep existing numbers - Will keep numbers already assigned to rebars.
  • Do not reuse used numbers - Only numbers that haven`t been assigned to any of rebars will be used for further numbering.
  • Number by Cut Length (A-bars) - Rebar number will be equal to the length of the rebar. This feature only affects straight rebar.
  • Export - The information about rebars from Rebar Numbering can be exported to Excel, XML or BVBS export, also in the export dialog it is possible to add info about schedule (Drawing reference, Dates, Schedule number...).
All changes of the rebars in the model are tracked and you receive notifications about changes. After changes are detected you will be asked to assign new revision and renumber edited rebars.

The Next Generation includes

  • Support of different workflows
  • Improved performance on starting and switching
  • Multiple partitions in one go
  • Support of Fabric Area Reinforcement
  • Revision Management



Support of different workflows

  • Choose what Rebar Numbering workflow to use in Reinforcement Configuration or the Rebar Numbering dialogue
  • Numbering by partition
  • Global numbering
  • Use "Naviate filters" or current worksets for dividing the rebars in smaller selections

Improved performance on starting and switching

  • The dialogue box for Rebar Numbering
  • Analysing rebars
  • Switching partitions
  • Selecting rebars in the number dialogue

Multiple partitions in one go

  • Select multiple partitions to analyse, number and export instead of doing everything one by one

Support of Fabric Area Reinforcement

  • After you have analysed a partition you can examine the Fabric Sheets in selected partition

Revision Management

  • An overview of everything that is changed to easily do a revision


Want to know more?

We would love to hear from you! What do you thing of the "Next Generation"? Anything missing? Is there other features you would like us to highlight more or see developed. Let us know in the comments below!