We all received the information this summer, that Site Designer got deprecated for Revit 2021. Site Designer has been an add-in to Revit several years trying to support Landscape Architects working with BIM in Revit. Sadly, we didn’t see any progress or improvement on the add-in in those years. Symetri decided in 2018 to do something with that and we developed Naviate Site & Landscaping.

What's new in Site & Landscaping

This spring 2020 we did some major overhaul and improvements in this application. We have features supporting both those of you that prefer to work with Toposurface or Floors, or a combination of those.

First, we rearranged the Ribbon to make it more intuitive for you as a Landscape Architect to use.

20 AUG Naviate site Landscaping - Ribbon

We’ve added all these new features in the application

  • Select elements in Link
  • Align Floor to other Elements
  • Add Points to Floors
  • Create Contours on Floors
  • Cut & Fill improvement
Continue reading for details on each feature. 

Select elements in Linked files

Works for Align Topo, Place Points and Cut&Fill. The Link icon will show the activation of the "Link selection mode".

20 AUG Naviate site Landscaping - Select elements in linked files

Align Floors to Element

When you choose the elements for alignment, you will be able to align the Floor to the elements edge or face (or Line) with a defined offset.

20 AUG Naviate site Landscaping - Align floors to element

Add points to Floors

First, choose the Floor(s) and Model or Detail lines to be used for sub-element placement. Then define the elevation of the sub-elements.  As a result Points are placed based on the Line shape and elevation settings. 

20 AUG Naviate site Landscaping - Add points to floors

Create Contours on Floors

Have you ever missed being able to add contours to Floors as you can on Toposurface? Well, now you can! First select the Floor, then define primary and/or secondary Contours.

20 AUG Naviate site Landscaping - Create contours on floors


Cut & Fill improvements

You can now use Cut & Fill tool on an "open" chain of lines. First choose Model or Detail Line, then define elevations and sides for excavation.

20 AUG Naviate site Landscaping - Cut Fill improvements

Pattern Editor

Do you struggle with creating a Hatch pattern for your Landscape projects? With Pattern Editor you now have the possibility to create whatever hatch pattern, without bothering with the .pat files. Everything is in one dialog, both numbers and pattern and editing, instantly updated and applied to the model.

20 AUG Naviate site Landscaping - Pattern editor


Want to know more?

What do you think of the news to Site & Landscaping? Anything you miss or would like us to describe further? We would love to hear from you, please leave your comment below.