Reduce the time looking for relevant information

You’re stuck in a project and can’t get the work finalised. It can be a feature you can’t get working correctly, or an error message that keeps popping up. You might even wonder; what if I could do… that would make my day easier. Well, with an e-learning platform available in Naviate at all time, you could get help just when you need it the most.

Why an e-learning platform is a smart choice

E-learning is so incorporated in most our life now, that we don’t tend to think about it as something special. How often haven’t you been on Google or in forums to find just that piece of information that you’re missing. It can take up a lot of time finding the right information to your search though, and perhaps you can’t even find it at all. Here, an e-learning platform can be helpful and ease your work.

With curated and updated content on chosen topics, you can find that tips or the workflow to take you through the obstacle you’re in without effort or source evaluation.

Even better, you can even rest assure that your colleagues are following the same approach, so when the project is finalised, your work will be aligned and with the same workflow as the rest of the project.

With e-learning you have personal accommodation so you can access the right content for you when you need it. You can trust it’s updated, and you can go back to the same content as often as you would like to. Anything that removes unnecessary search for what you’re looking for keeps you happier, right? There are enough sources for frustration in a workday already.

What if you could give feedback or share whatever you found helpful (or not), that would be useful. Well, you can of course. And you might help improve the content, or even get a free coffee from a grateful colleague. There’s always the possibility.

Yeah, that sounds great but I don't have time to learn a new tool

Pinnacle Lite is that e-learning platform that provides those curated content pieces we dreamed about earlier. You have access to all that knowledge directly in your Naviate*. Super helpful! You get everything from videos, FAQs, tips, and a lot more. Both for Naviate and Autodesk Revit. Pinnacle is super simple to use, there's a search field there just like you're used too with your regular search. All resources available meeting your search will pop up. You can filter the search on formats and other relevant criteria with no effort. No training, it's there to utilise without any hassle.

*Will be available in next release /2021.1/2020.1.6) expected to be available week 26.

OK, I'm interested, but I don't think we have the budget

Now, if you’re using Naviate today in your organisation, you have a subscription to Naviate already. This is great, we hope you’re taking full advantage of Naviate! But, there’s an added bonus; you actually have included access to Pinnacle Lite as well. So you only need your manager to activate without any extra cost or work.

Want to see how it works? Take a look at this short video demonstrating it.

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