Remember the time you built your first LEGO masterpiece? The foundation was crucial, but it was the little pieces — the tiny details — that truly transformed it from a pile of bricks into a work of art.

Architecture today is a bit more complex than our childhood LEGO projects. There’s an avalanche of technological advancements, the pressure of global collaboration, and the constant need to balance tradition with innovation.

But that doesn’t mean it needs to be any less fun.

Enter our brand-new podcast series, Optimize et al. Join host Bettool Jabur, Naviate Technology Manager, Architecture, as she interviews guests from different industries about design, technology and everything in between. 

Season 2 will be out at the beginning of 2024, so if you want to catch up on Season 1 before then, here’s what you have to look forward to:


Leveraging Database in Design (episodes 1 and 2)

Bettool speaks to James Bell, Architect at Ridge & Partners, on leveraging database in design.

What should we do with all the data we have, what is a database, and why is James working with databases? Learn about the journey into leveraging data in design, and how deliverables to customers can be done smarter.

Listen to the episodes:

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Automation vs. Artistic Freedom (episodes 3 and 4)

Bettool engages in a captivating two-part podcast discussion with Claus from Symetri, exploring the intriguing topic of Automation versus Artistic Freedom. In the first part of this 2-part podcast, they delve into the potential advantages and disadvantages of incorporating automation tools throughout the architectural process. Is there a risk of compromising the artist's creative vision in the pursuit of streamlined efficiency? Or can automation enhance and amplify artistic expression?

In part 2, Bettool and Claus delve deeper into the practical applications and real-world implications of finding the optimal equilibrium between automation and artistic freedom whilst keeping it light-hearted. Drawing from their extensive expertise, they share valuable insights on how architects can effectively leverage automation tools while preserving their artistic integrity. Listeners will gain practical tips and invaluable perspectives on navigating the dynamic intersection of technology and creativity within the architectural realm.

Listen to the episodes:

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Architecture and Technology: A Good Mix? (episodes 5, 6, and 7)

In this 3-part series, Bettool talks with Mehmed Hodzic, an esteemed architect from Walter Code, about the intricate relationship between architecture and technology, guiding listeners towards a harmonious coexistence that embraces innovation without losing sight of tradition.

Can architecture truly exist without technology? Can technology ever be “too much” in architecture? These are some of the questions Mehmed and Bettool discuss, while emphasizing the pivotal role architects play in embracing responsibility, acquiring knowledge, and remaining at the forefront of technological advancements.

Listen to the episodes:

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Success Management (episodes 8, 9, and 10)

In this 3-part series, Bettool talks with Craig Schonborn, a Success Manager from Symetri and university lecturer. They delve into the multifaceted aspects of project management and how effective leadership can make or break a project's outcome. Drawing from Craig's vast experience as a Success Manager, the series offers valuable insights into streamlining processes, optimizing workflows, and ensuring project teams work cohesively towards achieving their goals. What does success truly mean in an architectural context? How do you strike the right balance between human creativity and technological assistance, ensuring that architects remain at the forefront of innovation? Tune in to find out.

Listen to the episodes:

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Product and Project Management (episode 11)

Bettool is joined by Brendan Gregory, Global Product Manager of Naviate Cloud, and Shir Erlich, Naviate Product Owner of Naviate Accelerate. Together, they embark on an inspiring journey, exploring the profound impact of globalization and technological advancements on the way we collaborate worldwide.

At the heart of this dynamic discussion lies the process of digital transformation, which has propelled us into the realm of cloud computing, virtual reality (VR), and more. The trio passionately share their visions for the future of architecture and ponder the potential hindrances that may arise in adopting emerging technologies. 
Listen to the episode:

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