In this post we'll present Naviate Rebar Extension, helping you to automatise the process of generating reinforcement for elements like beams, columns and piles. 

Reinforce with Naviate Rebar Extension

To get started, go to Naviate homepage to download and install Naviate Rebar Extension here.

Types of extensions reinforcements

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There is features to help you reinforce various categories

  • Automatic reinforcement generation
  • Beams
  • Columns
  • Continuous footings
  • Parapets
  • Pile caps
  • Piles
  • Retaining walls
  • Slab corners
  • Slab openings
  • Spread footings
  • Wall corners
  • Walls

There's also a feature for clash detecting

  • Interfaces of reinforcing bars

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How to reinforce a concrete column - an example

In the example below, we will look into how you can reinforce a concrete column (structural column) with associated foundations (isolated foundation).

Select the items you want to reinforce first, then select the function you want to use. Choose the column, then go to Naviate REX  and Columns.

In the left hand menu, the first top part will give you an overview of the column family type, Geometry as well as the Associated geometry.

19-blog-june-04-Naviate-Rebar Extension-4-reinforcement-of-columns-geometry-new

Next up is Bars and Stirrups to make sure you fill in the reinforcement. The dimensions shown on the right-hand side will help you understand how to fill in the values correctly.

19-blog-june-04-Naviate-Rebar Extension-5-reinforcement-of-columns-bars-new219-blog-june-04-Naviate-Rebar Extension-6-reinforcement-of-columns-stirrups-new

In our example we un-select Dowels and Stirrups for dowels in the dowels menu, before confirming with OK.

We then reinforce the foundation in the menu under Naviate REX and Spread Footings.

19-blog-june-04-Naviate-Rebar Extension-8-reinforcement-of-spread-footings-bottom-bar-new19-blog-june-04-Naviate-Rebar Extension-7-reinforcement-of-spread-footings-dowels-new

For our example we use the placement in Bottom bars and Dowels and un-select Top bars and Stirrups in the pier. Then we confirm with OK.


Register to the webinar on Naviate Rebar Extension to see it live!



The reinforcement is now generated.

19-blog-june-04-Naviate-Rebar Extension-12-the-reinforced-model-after-completion

To adjust the reinforcement in one of the elements, select the element and run the function again.


Register to the webinar on Naviate Rebar Extension to see it live!


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