A step-by-step guide

Our Naviate content libraries includes many door families with swing door angles, including families showing open doors in 3D. But what if you come across a door family with no door swing angle - do you know what to do? If you don't (or want a reminder), here’s a step-by step on how you can create one.

If you don't have Naviate and want to test the feature out, you can download a free trial here.

Edit family

  • Select the door you want to edit and choose edit family.


  • Open a plan view in the family editor and delete all the lines forming the swing symbol.


  • Go to annotate ->symbolic lines and select the subcategory panel [cut]. Start drawing a line from the hinge point, preferably a diagonal line so you easily can find it later.
  • Go to modify -> align and lock the lines to the rotation base-point.


  • From annotate -> angular dimension, create a dimension parameter to control the swing angle.


Want to test it out? Download for free here.

  • Select the dimension you just created and from the options bar choose label and add parameter.


  • Name the parameter ‘swing angle’ and group it under dimensions. Make sure you select type parameter to give all instances of the same type the same look.


  • From the menu, select annotate -> symbolic lines and select subcategory panel [projection]. Activate start-end-radius arc from the draw panel.



Tip. If you find it difficult to get the exact measurements, you can activate the temporary dimensions and type in the dimensions directly.


  • Finally, load the door family in to the project and test adjusting the new parameter from edit type on the property’s palette.
Want to test it out? Download for free here.


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