Pad and Wall foundation

As many of you will be aware, our new breed of reinforcement solutions, Naviate Rebar, launched into the industry late last year. Naviate Rebar replaces the original Naviate Rebar Extension which brings many technology and workflow updates that align with the core Revit 2023 product.

In this series I will go through everything that Rebar can help you with. This is the fourth post in the series.

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In this release we will showcase our first foundation tool which will provide reinforcement for the following scenarios:

  • Rectangular footings
  • Rectangular pile caps
  • Wall footings
  • Drop panels
  • Slab Reinforcement

2023-07-11_12-51-19 - pic1

As with our other Naviate Rebar features, the Foundation tool contains a large number of features and flexibility whilst keeping a simple, clean interface. You can use the foundation reinforcement with the following elements:

  • Isolated foundations
  • Pile caps
  • Wall foundations
  • Structural foundation slabs
  • Floors
  • In-place families

In the example below, a pile cap has been reinforced using L-bars with laps both for the top and bottom reinforcement. You also have control over the reinforcement shape code, so the reinforcement could have also been placed using U-bars or a stirrup. You can also control the parameters individually for each layer in the top and bottom reinforcement.

2023-07-11_12-53-34 pic2

In the example below, a foundation for a shear wall has been created using 2 bottom layers. Notice that the main longitudinal bars are lapped but the transverse bars are using a U-bar configuration. Like all of our rebar features, the settings can be saved for future use which greatly increases productivity.

2023-07-11_12-55-22 pic3

Another interesting use is for the reinforcement of slabs. Naviate Rebar will always apply fully constrained rebar so the foundation reinforcement can also be used to quickly get up to four layers of rebar into a rectangular slab.

In the example below, a drop panel has been created with a floor. The Naviate Foundation reinforcement has been applied just to the bottom 2 layers using U-bars.

2023-07-11_12-55-50 pic4

Like all of our Naviate Rebar features, the foundation feature will continue to develop, and we will add more foundation types to increase the usability and functionality further!

I look forward to seeing you in Discovery Session 5. Don't have Rebar? Download a free trial today, or buy access to a full year subscription here.